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Repeat burglar causing headache for small business owner in Redding

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REDDING, Calif. - Roel Jaimes opened Temple Music along Churn Creek Road about two years ago. More than once over the last couple of months, someone has broken into his store. His surveillance camera caught the crooks on at least one of those times

“The first time in August, they actually broke into the shop,” said Jaimes. “They threw a rock through the glass door and managed to get in. They were in and out really quick.”

But after a few months, the thief tried to break in again.

“About two months later there was an attempted break-in,” said Jaimes. “It was unsuccessful and RPD showed up within minutes. However, they tried again four days later and were successful that time.”

The thief made off with video game consoles Jaimes’ laptop and some change. He believes it’s same the same person or group that’s targeting his store.

At the front of Temple Music, the door is covered with a metal sheet because of the most recent break-in. Jaimes plans to add metal bars in front of his windows. “Now with these break-ins, I don't know when it's going to happen,” said Jamies.

“I'm a little bit paranoid and want to camp out and my shop and make sure I catch this guy. But really, you can't do that.”

The pandemic was already tough on him and the stress from the break-ins is making it worse.

“I'm just a small business owner. I’m doing what I can to get by,” said Jaimes. “We are all struggling in some way. I understand if we need to make some money in some way but attacking and burglarizing small businesses is just not the way.”

Several other businesses in the area told Action News Now they’ve had several attempted break-ins recently. They also believe it’s the same person or person trying to break in.

Jaimes said he’s reported the break-ins to the police.

Action News Now reached out to the Redding Police Department about the break-ins in that area and is working to get a response.

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