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Piling trash causing sight and smell problem in downtown Chico

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Piling trash causing sight and smell problem in downtown Chico

CHICO, Calif. - The City of Chico is trying to stay on top of a trash problem by emptying full trash cans daily, but they said it's still not enough.

"It sucks because then when you have all this trash out there and it just looks dumb," said a man who did not want to be identified and has been living outside of the City Hall doors for about a week.

He said he feels like the homeless are already looked at negatively in the community and all this trash makes it worse.

"When it is overflowing it doesn't look that good," said a man. "We can pick up our own trash and we can bag it up."

The City Plaza is where some of the homeless stay, but right now it is temporarily closed because the city is putting in an ice rink so the homeless have moved across the street where trash is now piling up. 

"Due to the trash load, it is really starting to evolve into emptying trash cans at a much higher frequency,” Chico Public Works director Erik Gustafson said. “Picking up quite a bit of debris that is constantly left in front of council chambers and really around the civic center."

Gustafson said crews are now emptying the trash cans daily which takes resources from other normal maintenance activities.

"There are folks picking up trash rather than out in the right of way fixing sidewalks and fixing streets and trimming trees," said Gustafson.

Some of the homeless said when they see trash they pick it up but when the trash cans are full - they don't really know where else to put it.

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