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Local Redding non-profit offers affordable housing to homeless veterans

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REDDING, Calif. - On Thursday, we honored and celebrated all of our veterans, but some of our local service members need more than just a thank you.

Can you imagine serving your country for 18 years only to end up homeless and living on the street? That's what happens to veterans around the country.

Before Kenneth Leblanc found The House of Cornelius, he lived on the streets for two years. He says it was tough to get an apartment because he didn't meet the requirements.

"But I didn't have any credit history or renters' history, so I didn't meet any criteria for a lot of the rental places around here. I didn't have any income that measures up to like three months' first rent, so basically. I could find a place to stay," Leblanc said.

But trouble finding housing wasn't the only obstacle in Leblanc's way, he also had problems finding a place that could accommodate him because of his health issues.

"It was very stressful, and I was trying to figure out where I was going to plug in my oxygen machine; I was diagnosed with COPD in 2014, and I have had oxygen ever since," said Leblanc.

Now that Leblanc has found the House of Cornelius, he finally has a bed, kitchen and living room he can finally call his own, at least for 24 months.

"I don't know where I would have been if I didn't end up here," said Leblanc.

Robert Carroll is another vet living in the House of Cornelius.

"They help with food, clothing, and everything you need just about; the whole concept of faith works is to help people out," said Carroll.

Leblanc tells Action News Now his dream is to have a place of his own and after he gets of House of Cornelius, he's ready to fill out applications for possible homes.

The House of Cornelius offers affordable housing to veterans who have been struggling for 24 months. The program also helps them build credit and gives them a reference to make a home of their own.

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