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Local company creates non-toxic fire fighting products

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CHICO, Calif. - A Chico-based company is offering a non-toxic alternative to fire retardants and foams.

"You know they mention how many people they have out because of cancer and it is really affecting people worldwide,” said Brandon Miller, CEO of Greenfire.

Greenfire products work to put out and prevent fire with products that do not contain any toxic chemicals.

"The Greenfire wetting agent blend has evolved into 7 different products that we have researched and developed right here in Chico,” Miller told Action News Now.

Planes dump retardants in front of fires and foams suppress active flames, but the chemicals from these products sometimes show up in our waterways.

Beginning January 1, 2022, California Senate Bill 1044 will put a ban on harmful toxins inside firefighting foams such as AFFFs and PFAs.

"Really especially here at Chico Fire we are making a move to make our troops as safe as possible by mitigating their exposure to any kind of cancerous elements," said Deputy Chief Chris Zinko of Chico Fire.

In addition to the nontoxic chemicals, foam can also help with conserving water as it breaks down surface tension.

Safety remains most essential for firefighters across the board.

"It's very high on the priority list not only with our personnel but the public," said Captain John Gaddie, from Cal Fire Butte County.

Greenfire also creates products that are safe to use for wetting agents, defensible space and industrial defense.

“Our products are ok to use in any food production facilities and that is unique to us and something only we have,” said Miller.

With the bill that will ban the usage of foams with toxins, Miller hopes his local company will be on the forefront of safe and effective firefighting agents.

"It's vitally important that these changes are made and these old chemicals get off the market,” said Miller.

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