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How to keep your pets safe during this heat wave

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How to keep your pets safe during this heat wave

CHICO, Calif. - With the excessive heat warning in effect, pet owners should be careful what activities they do with their fur friends.

Erin Beane brings her dog, Hamlet, to the dog park every day.

But, she is being extra careful in these triple-digit temperatures.

"I just try to let him out early when it is not too hot,” said Beane. “Give him lots of water and making sure I am not leaving him in hot close spaces like cars."

Alannah Ratliff just got her dog and said she isn't taking any chances.

"He's a rescue dog and I have had him for a couple of months now and I have been taking here,” said Ratliff. “I give him lots of water. I have been taking him out pretty early to keep him safe.”

Executive Director for the Butte Humane Society, Katrina Woodcox, said there are a couple of important things you need to remember when it comes to pets and extreme heat.

"A good test is to take the back of your hand and put it on the cement or the hot pavement for about five seconds and if it is too hot for your hand or you have to pull your hand away immediately, then it is far too hot for your animal’s feet,” said Woodcox.

If you are heading out to the grocery store with your pet and plan to leave them in the car with the AC on, Woodcox said this is not a good idea.

"Cars can overheat and then they can stop functioning and your air conditioning can stop functioning and with these extreme heats within a matter of within minutes it's 115 or 120 degrees in the car and an animal can expire rather quickly,” said Woodcox.

"Other precautions I am taking, is don't ever leave your dog in the car, ever,” said Ratliff. “Because it is a really sad thing. I have seen it before.”

Woodcox also stressed if you are taking your dog for a walk, make sure you are stopping for plenty of breaks in the shade.

Next month, the Butte Humane Society will be finished with its new facility located on Garner Lane to offer more care and adoption services to animals in the Chico community.

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