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Family who lost home in Fawn Fire reacts to suspect's hospitalization

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REDDING, Calif. - The Bay Area woman charged with starting the Fawn Fire was back in court on Thursday.

A Shasta County judge ordered that Alexandra Souverneva be placed with the Department of State Hospitals so that she can undergo competency training.

“She already has been declared as incompetent to stand trial,” said Gregg Cohen, Souverneva’s attorney. “She'll go down there and hopefully be restored to competency sometime soon.”

Souverneva must be admitted to the state hospital within 90 days. It's still unknown how long she'll be required to stay.

Souverneva is charged with felony arson for starting the Fawn Fire in September.

Cohen also told Action News Now, the arson charges against her still stand. Once she finishes her treatment and evaluation, she will return to Shasta County to face trial.

“It's based on how well they can get her to come around,” said Cohen. “When she's restored to competency, then she'll come back to ready for her charges.”

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But months after the fire, families impacted by it are still hurt and angry.

“[I’m] pissed off. However, I knew this was going to be the result. It's just the way California is going now,” said Bonnie Jorgensen, who lost her home to the Fawn Fire. “Having said that, I'm just waiting. I'm angry. The law isn't necessarily fair. What victims would like to see is good old justice.”

“It's because of this one person who decided to light this fire during fire season and all these people lose their homes,” said Percy Gonzales, who also her home to the fire. “It's horrible. We've worked our entire lives to have what we have. We have nothing now.”

Jorgensen and Gonzales raised their family on their property for many years. Some of what’s left standing include their Gazebo, some tables, the pool, and a swing set. Nearly all their memories were lost to the fire.

“We have no past. Our entire past is gone,” said Gonzales.

Jorgensen hopes to see the suspect prosecuted.

“I expect to see her stand trial,” said Jorgensen. “I expect her to be held accountable for not just for our family. But all the rest of the families and all of the fire victims around.”

Gonzales said she hopes this brings their family closure.

Gonzales and Jorgensen told Action News Now they are planning on rebuilding but it will take them some time.

The Fawn Fire burned 8,578 acres and destroyed 185 structures.

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