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Extra police presence at Oroville High School after shooting threat

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OROVILLE, Calif. - There is an extra police presence at Oroville High School Thursday after an online shooting threat.

Police are taking this threat seriously as there are many police cars at the school. The threat was originally posted on Snapchat,

A parent shared the post, which says, "I am tired of getting bullied. At 10:30 tomorrow I am going to shoot 20 kids and 4 admin - see you heaven."

The message specifically addresses "IHS."

Police say there is no school with that name in this area.

During their investigation, officers learned schools as close as Sacramento and as far as Savannah Georgia received the same threat.

"This message had also come from Florida and through Georgia and then to Sacramento,” said Sgt. Breck Wright with the Oroville Police Department. “That's three of the areas they could confirm this snapchat message had been sent and circulated."

Police do have some leads, but do not believe the threat originated here, but they are not taking any chances.

"Safety is always our number one priority," said Prinicipal Cristi Tellechea at Oroville High. "We want to make sure all of our students and staff and everyone here is safe."

Oroville High School also sent out a note to parents telling them about the increase in police presence on campus and that they are taking this online threat seriously.

After learning of the threat, students started sharing a warning post on Snapchat telling students to be safe.

Even with the extra security, still many did not show up to the classroom.

"Half the class is probably gone just because of the threat, maybe their parents didn't want them to go just to be safe," 

said Alba Hernandez, a student at Oroville High.

Several students said classes that usually have 30 students in them had less than five.

"When my mom first found out about it she didn't want me going to school," said 10th grader at OHS, Star Zuniga.

She ended up being one of the students that showed up to school.

"I personally didn't think it was real," said Zuniga. "I just thought it was kids trying to get attention because that's what kids do around here. They just do things for attention."

Oroville Police Department is working with other agencies across the state to get to the bottom of this.

“The thing that keeps our community safe and keeps our students safe is active parents and students, and children being able to talk to their parents about things that are happening and things on social media," said Sgt. Wright.

They will continue to have police on campus Thursday and Friday to patrol surrounding areas and ensure everyone's safety.

This is a developing story. Action News Now will keep you updated with new information on-air and online.

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