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Chico Police Department urging safety in school zones

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CHICO, Calif. - With less than a week until school starts, the Chico Police Department is urging people to be careful in school zones.

Jody Henry is getting her son ready to go back to school, but not without some safety tips first.

"Just have a lot of good conversations about it,” Henry said. “I talk to my boys and make sure they follow the rules."

Chico Police Department said Chico Unified School District will have an all-time high attendance this year and is urging people to be extra careful behind the wheel.

"Speed has always been a huge issue here in Chico,” Motorcycle Officer for Chico Police Department Drew Cooper said. “So we really want to make sure people realize that in those school zones, 1,000 feet within any of those school zones, the speed limit is reduced to 25 miles per hour."

The City of Chico and Chico Unified School District came together to implement traffic signals at Marsh Junior High on Notre Dame Blvd. and Humboldt Rd. to ensure better safety.

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"We can't control what other people do so we can only control what we do and how we react so I make sure my kids look and know they have to take care of themselves,” Henry said.

Flashing beacons were installed that will make drivers more aware of when someone will be using a crosswalk.

Police said it will have also have crossing guards at some crosswalks and is bringing back its resource officers designated to help teachers and staff year-round.

"Any kind of disciplinary issues the police may be involved in,” Cooper said. “They are also there for counseling services. If someone is having a bad day and needs someone to talk to, there are those Chico police officers that are assigned to the school district that they can communicate with."

Police said they will be ramping up on patrolling and staffing officers near schools in Chico during the first couple of weeks of school.

Schools in the Chico Unified School District will begin classes on Monday and start times vary depending on the school.

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