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Bangor Ranch Vineyard & Winery Rebuilds to participate in this year's Sierra Oro Farm Trail event

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BANGOR, Calif. - The Bangor Ranch Vineyard and Winery burned down in 2017, but is now ready to serve people during this month's Sierra Oro Farm Trail event.

Co-owner of the winery, Karen Papillon said the La Porte Fire burned down over 168 trees on their property. 

“The fire when it came, it ended up burning the entire winery down which was all of our inventory, olive oil and our wine. It also burned the olive orchard, we lost at the time 85 trees up in our olive orchard because we do make olive oil too. On the property itself on the oak area and around we lost about 168 trees on the property," said Papillon.

Papillon said they finished building the winery and new tasting room in 2020, but the Sierra Oro Farm Trail event was canceled last year from the pandemic, so this is the first year where people can enjoy wine during the event in their new facilities. 

She said she feels lucky since two buildings on the property, including a house, did not burn down which allowed them to invite visitors back to the property earlier before rebuilding the other facilities. 

This year's Sierra Oro Farm Trail event includes a farm and wine pass that gives people access to 31 wineries, farms, factories and ranches throughout October. 

Dick Seely, who lives in Chico, said he is happy to see the event back since he goes every year. 

“We’ve been coming on the wine tour or the Sierra Oro Farm tour for I think like six or seven years, so we were here before the fire," said Seely.

With the pass, people get free tastings and discounts at Butte County farms and wineries. 

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