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Drinking Water is Drying Up in Orland Wells

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Hundreds of people in Orland rely on their wells to supply water but after years of very little rain, extreme drought conditions are leaving people with no drinking water.

That's when Orland started connecting homes to their city's water supply.

Orland's City Manager, Pete Carr told Action News Now, "Many people are finding it to be advantageous, a great alternative to them to hook up to the city's water system, it'll be about 65 dollars a month"

He said another option for people with dry wells is to build a new one, but it doesn't come cheap, "On the other hand if you well goes dry and you need to drill a new well, that can be 20-30-40 thousand dollars or more depending on how deep the new well is going to be."

With 190 families looking to hook up their homes to the city's water supply, Carr says this could've been a crisis if it weren't for the state's help, "Water is one of those things that you just don't think about until you turn on the faucet and nothing comes out and then all of a sudden you have a crisis....local government between the city and the county and working very well in partnership with the state and the state is coming in to do something for us that we couldn't have done on our own."

Elisa Santos, finally got her home connected the city's water supply after months of not having any water in her well, "I used to go to shower at Pilot where you know they have the showers and stuff or I would go to my gym, my local gym and shower there too...In terms of drinking water were you just using like plastic water bottles and stuff like that...yes we were using a lot of plastic water bottles which we did not like because we recycle and it was a lot of recycling going on."

Santos said they had to buy so many water bottles, their trash bins started to overflow.

She told Action News Now, "I'm thankful because it's like-- it's something we never thought we would get into we've seen it through tv, through other states in the U.S.

Carr said in addition to the city's 80,000 gallon water tank, they'll now be adding a 1 million gallon water tank.

The city is unable to add more properties to the Orland water supply project as the budget is capped.

If you need to report a dry well, visit, the Glenn county website and get in contact with the North Valley Community Foundation.

Glenn County Website link:

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