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Booster shot appointments tough to find for some at Chico pharmacies

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CHICO, Calif. - The United States saw the highest number of COVID-19 booster shots administered in a single day on Wednesday, since they were available to the public in May.

However, some pharmacies in Chico have no appointments for days.

Vaccine booster shot appointments unavailable at a Chico Walgreens on East Ave. for another two weeks.

We checked online for any available appointments at other stores in Chico and there aren't any until at least after the weekend of December 5th.

This after the U.S. saw the single highest day of booster shots on Wednesday with over 2 million.

People rushed to get their booster shots at Walgreens or even this CVS behind me, but a lot of them are now running into this problem when they look for appointments online, there aren't any available right away.

We interviewed two women on Wednesday and asked if the omicron variant is causing them to get their booster faster.

"Yes, yeah. It's a concern because of the things it, you know, it's a little stronger and has a lot of different things in it," said Carolyn Abbott.

"I'm planning to get my booster as soon as I can," said Maria Naiman.

"Which might not even help, as they said you know? So it is a concern," said Abbott.

Health experts are saying this along with gathering for the holidays is increasing demand for the booster.

If you do want to get your booster ASAP in Chico, there are some other options, but you'll have to get in your car and drive out of city limits.

The closest Walgreens or CVS that has appointments ready for this weekend is in Orland, Paradise, and Oroville.

The last option if you can't wait at all, is to look out for cancellations of appointments, but those are never guaranteed.

Appointments, however, will continue to roll out.

Booster shots are available for anyone over 18, and if it's been more than 6 months since your second dose, health experts recommend you get the shot.

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