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Camp Fire survivors struggle with high heat in RVs

One Camp Fire survivor is paying between $300-$700 per month on electricity alone.

Posted: Aug 16, 2019 10:12 PM
Updated: Aug 16, 2019 10:12 PM

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the hot summer is making life difficult and expensive for camp fire survivors in r-vs. action news now reporter stephanie lin takes us into the situation that's burning a hole into people's pocketbooks&. extremely miserable. is how camp fire survivor vicki taylor describes life in her r-v& i think i'm going to pass out, when it was 90 degrees inside the rv, with the ac going. as temperatures soar outside& she finds little solace inside& the refridgerators in rvs do not work terribly well. i'd buy milk and within 3-4 days it was curdled. standup: vicki carefully monitors the temperatures around her property, so i want you to check this out. right now standing under the shade on her front porch, temperatures are locking in at 100 degrees. and inside& it's about 82. to keep temperatures tolerable, vicki runs two additional a/c units and an extra fridge& extra costs that are burning into her bank account. my jaw just about hit the floor when i saw that $400 pg&e bill. she shows us the paperwork& one bill comes out to $330. another, for two months of usage, comes out to over $700. reporter: it looks like they are paying an exorbitant amount of money for their electricity bills. we reached out to pg&e on why the bills were coming out so high. reporter: they are living in these hot rvs, what is your response to that? pg&e: we are always happy to help our customers find out which rate plan may work best for them. give us a call, and if the current rate you are on doesn't work, you may be eligible for another rate. reporter: she did reach out to pg&e over the phone and she didn't have much luck finding someone trying to find a better rate. pg&e: we will reach out to her to look at her rates, but based on her usage she is on the best rate possible at this point. it's not comfortable in there, but its important to remember rvs are not built to the same standards of california building codes for energy efficiency. the spokesperson added that in vicki's case, she has two r-vs set up on one account. she's getting the best rate available to her now. vicki: we feel really bad for you&but&we're not going to do anything for you. vicki meanwhile is not convinced pg&e can do much to help her. for one thing, they burned my house down, then they took away the solar, then they force me to live in this. but she is willing to take the temporary heat& and hit to her pocketbook.. to continue living in the town she loves. stephanie lin, action news now. pg&e adds if you are experiencing high temperatures in your r-v or mobile home, you can consider positioning it under some shade to help lower temperatures inside. ###
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