Paradise Town Council ask major utilities to be placed underground

Paradise is asking Comcast and AT&T to join PG&E in installing underground utilities.

Posted: Aug 13, 2019 10:09 PM
Updated: Aug 13, 2019 10:09 PM

Speech to Text for Paradise Town Council ask major utilities to be placed underground

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good evening.. tonight the paradise town council made it clear - they want all major utilities to be placed underground. action news now reporter laura eng was at tonight's meeting and joins us now to explain more, laura? alan, the town of paradise is asking comcast and at&t to join p-g-and-e in installing underground utilities. back in may, p-g- and-e said it would install underground power lines. the utility is currently working on several streets, this is a look at the work so far on the skyway. the town has reached out to at&* and comcas*, but neither have agreed yet to underground utilities. we spoke with several camp fire survivors at the meeting tonight. if it's not done at the same time, then your streets, your roads will be torn up at all different times. they're going to have to work together, otherwise the infrastructure will not be there. with the trees and the lines and the lines you know breaking down and causing fire like it did here, i don't see how that could happen if they're underground lines, so yeah, i think it would be very adventageous. tonight, the council passed a resolution of intent. it's a firm stance letting the companies know the town would like them to join together in the underground utilities. p-g-and-* said it will take them five years to finish installing the underground powerlines. laura eng, action news now.### the paradise town council also voted to designate november 8th as camp fire memorial day. that, of course, is the first anniversary of the fire. in addition, the council unanimously approved a budget proposal for the upcoming fiscal year.###
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