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Paradise High Athletics to repair facilities post Camp Fire

Paradise High School hopes to repair facilities that were damaged by the Camp Fire.

Posted: Aug 12, 2019 6:53 PM
Updated: Aug 12, 2019 6:53 PM

Speech to Text for Paradise High Athletics to repair facilities post Camp Fire

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football game is less than two weeks away... and although their football field is ready to go... some fields and courts still need a lot of work.... &"tennis courts&. and then all of our fencing around the area& softball baseball and the fencing for football and there's a lot of heat damage on the track and there's heat damage on the scoreboard..." paradise high shool's athletics program is still recovering months after the camp fire& "and then the final thing is there's heat damage on the visitors side. the seats& the stadium seating on the visitor's side& probably more things&" a lot more things& like their 7-room athletics building& full of equipment, film, uniforms& the list goes on& it's all gone "its safe to say it was about 500,000 dollars worth of equipement, but that's just cloth and the bare essentials that we need& i can't imagine what the damage our facilities would be& it would be upward in the millions of dollars." for instance, their diamond& which got hit the hardest. standup--- anne says the fire came through this way onto the softball field&. not only damaging the softball field, but the fencing, backboard, even the lights." the scoreboard& the dugouts& "im concerned for the future of our softball program today" fixes that anne says need to be started as soon as possible... "it wasn't a necessity. it wasn't a need in that moment. you know, when you're thinking about the athlete and thinking about what they need& the things that get them prepared for a game& now& it's us looking at our home and looking at the facility and making sure we can start softball here& as well as every other sport& for more information on how you can help paradise high school's athletics program... you can visit our website at action news now dot com... under the sports tab...
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