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Camp Fire survivors receive replacement wedding album from photographer

A couple who lost everything during the Camp Fire received a special gift -- a new copy of the wedding photo album that was lost to the flames.

Posted: Jul 21, 2019 5:58 PM
Updated: Jul 21, 2019 5:58 PM

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of people lost more than their homes in the camp fire -- they lost precious memories which were reduced to ash and rubble. edie lambert shares the story of one family that was able to bring a piece of their history back to life. marc taylor takes nothing for granted as he cooks in his grass valley kitchen. especially the roof over his head. he and his wife mary lost everything last november in the camp fire -- forced from their home... then trapped in traffic... they had to run for their lives.. their losses included all their photos -- their wedding album, just memories. (sot/ marc taylor/ lost home in camp wildfire:25-:36) "seeing mary walk to me -- she was -- i hadn't seen the wedding dress, of course, so it was (looks at her) pretty special. sticks in my head forever." mary decided to at least*try to find the photos from that day... tracking down the photographers they hadn't seen in nearly 20 years.(sot/ mary taylor/ lost home in camp wildfire:49-:56) "they came back and said we dug immediately and we found them, we have them, and i told marc i said oh my god they have them, and so we both started crying." (sot/ marc taylor/ lost home in camp wildfire) "she comes out and says they're going to re-make the album, and make it and bring it to us, we were like, that just doesn't happen, you know with everything that's gone wrong after losing everything." (nats car door) a few weeks later... "well hello there!" richard briggs delivered on his promise. "here's your album, oh my god." a box that was instantly precious to the taylors -- they opened the gift with shaking hands. help me" and then... they were staring down at their wedding day. "this means so much to us -- thank you." even after shooting hundreds of weddings -- briggs still remembered this one. (sot/ richard briggs/ wedding photographer1:3 9-1:44) "i remember him crying as she was walking down the aisle and i thought these people are so much in love." remembering a wedding after 20 years is unusual -- but even more unusual, he still had the negatives. turns out -- he is one of very few professional wedding photographers who has saved every image he's shot since 19-85. (sot/ richard briggs/ wedding photographer) "luckily they were intact a little faded i bought a scanner and scanned them all and my wife, she's
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