Our Future After the Fire: Waiting for water

Some families on the ridge finally have access to safe drinking water.

Posted: Jul 18, 2019 8:42 PM
Updated: Jul 18, 2019 8:42 PM

Speech to Text for Our Future After the Fire: Waiting for water

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safe drinking water. action news now reporter stephanie lin spoke with one homeowner.. who says.. this moment.. has been a long time coming. ### ll: it's now been eight months since the camp fire and access to clean, drinkable water is slowly trickling back to paradise... those who have it now say, they feel a huge weight lifted off their shoulders. nats water kyla awalt runs the faucet in her paradise home. nats the water gushes clear. and for the first time in eight months, it's safe to use. the kids... i was like, we have clean water, and they said, oh, can we take a bath?! this day could not have come soon enough. the awalts returned to their standing home in january...their water meter, still intact. nats showing us the meter. but because of the water advisory, the family could not use any water... and that's when the costs began to pile up. mentally that was the hardest part, how can we keep affording this? the awalts spent $6400 they say, to have a plumber install a water tank and other supporting equipment in the backyard. it cost another $250 every two months to fill that tank up with fresh water. you turn on the faucet and literally feel that water going down the drain. several months of careful rationing....and many cold showers later... kyla got the call the whole family had been waiting for from p-i-d.... they personally called us and told our results that we had tested clean. things became official when kyla saw her home listed as cleared from the water advisory online. ...that little blue dot was on our location...we are safe and clean& the awalts now pay $21 a month, every two months, to connect to p-i-d. they are not metering. we can use as much water as we want, they want to keep that water moving, not stagnant in the system. and with their water worries behind them for now, the family can now focus on rebuilding other parts of their lives, as they look to their future, after the fire. it's been uncomfortable, a difficult transition, but at the same time, things are so hopeful. we have so many friends coming back, rebuilding, our families still here, so it's a different paradise. ll: according to their website, the p-i-d has lifted the water advisory for at least 50 properties so far in paradise. we are told they hope to lift all water advisories on standing structures within the next ten months. reporting in paradise, stephanie lin, action news now. fade to break
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