New law could allow convicted felons to serve on juries

A change in state law could make it legal for convicted felons to serve on a jury.

Posted: Jul 11, 2019 10:49 AM
Updated: Jul 11, 2019 10:49 AM

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a change in state law could make it legal for convicted felons to serve on a jury. action news now reporter elizabeth zelidon looked into s-b 310 and has more on why some say there are other ways the state can give convicted felons their civil rights without making it a law. a controversial bill is making its way through california legislature & allowing convicted felons once released from jail & to serve on juries. s-b 310 still has some time before it could become law & but for some & the topic being discussed is enough to raise some questions. sot: be on the jury? ya. you mean like if they had committed a crime and then if someone else is in trouble then they could & yes. i just don't think it's a good idea. but others like isac kravitz say it's a great way to allow convicted felons to reform. sot: they are propbably just being judgemental becasue of their background people have their past and you live and learn you know. in california & legislatures have already passed a law to allow convicted felons the right to vote. but it's the right to serve on a jury & that could mean headaches for prosecutors. sot: that would be extra questioning and that would be extra time would be needed to talk to those folks who are on juries you know there are some concerns that potentially people who have been convicted of crimes in the past may have certain preconveved notions or biased about the cirminal justice systems the district attorney's office adds & we & as a state& already allow those who want to serve go through a process to do that. sot: i do appreciate that a lot of people have sort of turned their lives around are looking to become productive members of society and i applaud that but i would answer that there is a process for someone that really is interested in restoring those civil rights can go through and they can go through the process to apply for a certificate of rehabilitation. the district attorney's office
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