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FEMA housing impact on Lake Oroville summer recreation minimal

A few months after FEMA put trailers for Camp Fire survivors at Lake Oroville, some locals are saying they've noticed a change in the flow of business in that area.

Posted: Jul 10, 2019 7:46 PM
Updated: Jul 10, 2019 7:46 PM

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it's been a few months since fema put trailers at lake oroville for camp fire survivors. action news now reporter amy lanski went to see what kind of impact that's had on business, neighbors and visitors. camp fire survivors have been living in fema trailers at bidwell campgrounds for a few months now and some say they've noticed a difference. ben johnson- bidwell canyon marina 9-25 "actually hasn't been too bad they have 70 trailers up there it has definnitely effected our business a little bit, we are used to having campers up there so we have lot more business going on in our bar, and business and rental boats. so it has slowed it a little bit, but being with a full lake we seem to make it up another way." "steve-o delucchi - boater 26-45 "all they have to do is run in town and buy a few groceries or something and then they come back and they are good for a week where you know these people that come up from all over the bay area and placces to use our lake they have to buy our gas they have to buy our food you know they go out and eat at the restuarants if they need a part for their boat there's that aspect." others say they're seeing more people around than usual but don't have a problem with it. barry smith- boater49-1:03 "more traffic yes, more people yes, but as far as crime, problems like that i disagree i think it's just fine, they need a place to go it's not an issue." but others say an increase in crime concerns them. beverly delucchi- boater 1:06-1:26 "you hear generators disappearing, you hear gas disaappearing, people really wanted them to step up security on our boats and especially people with a slip here when when there is access to their boats and they pay a lot of money and what we really wanted was to step up security here and i think bidwell marina is doing a really good job at it." amy standup 1:26-1:30 one man came up from san diego and said he's having a good time. luke beere- boater "this weekend was pretty packed, but during the week it's usually prety calm. it's nice to take vacation like we are, then you find an empty cove, but it's been pretty busy during the weekend." the campground where the trailers are remains closed to the public.. but there are more nearby. reporting from lake oroville amy lanski action news now. action news now did reach out to state parks to find out whether they're seeing more crime and if it's typical for his time of the year... but they were unaviable for comment.##
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