Park rangers warn of ticks danger on hiking trails

Park rangers are warning hikers of tick dangers on trails in Butte County.

Posted: May 14, 2019 5:42 PM
Updated: May 14, 2019 5:42 PM

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a dangerous sight for hikers at bidwell park. action news now reporter christina vitale spoke with a park ranger about other dangerous creatures to look out for. <sot: tick check one tick check two tick check three it's not worth it lymes disease doesnt go away... it sticks with you for a while. park ranger, james ledonne said he's seen the most ticks on upper park road. sot: we are concerned about certain ticks the black legged deer tick do carry lymes disease and are prevelent in this area. lyme disease symptoms include fever, headache, rash and fatigue. if left untreated it can spread and cause you problems years down the road. but there are steps you can take to protect yourself while hiking. sot: long sleeves light colored clothing that way you can see the tick on you. deet so your misqouito repellent. ledonne said if you aren't sure what tick is on you, remove it and take to the butte county public health for testing. sot: ticks love to sit on the end of branches and the end of a blae of grass waiting for a fur bearing mammal to come by which we are and to start feeding on you. standup: ledonne said its extremely important to stay on the path while hiking because if you stray you're more likey to be exposed to those creatures but frequent hiker, john lyons wasn't so lucky during a quick hike near horse shoe lake. sot: there was a tick on there that decided to make itself at home sot: and the next day - oh 11 noon scratche* there it was two little black legs sticking out. headed over to the prompt care and got it removed. 10 days of antibiotics and that was the price. lyons said not only check yourself after a hike... but also your pets. sot: espeically under the belly under the arms behind the ears, then check them again it doesn't take long. sot: lyme disease can exist in those ticks we remove in those dogs and they can get inside of us also so the best thing is wash off the area that you remove the tick from on your dog or yourself and wear ticks when you remove them from another person or your dog. ledonne said you should check yourself several times after hiking areas of bidwell park... better safe than sorry. christina vitale action news now.
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