6 months after the Camp Fire: DMV monthly customers double

New statistics from the Chico Department of Motor Vehicles said it is serving twice as many people each month since the Camp Fire.

Posted: May 14, 2019 3:34 PM
Updated: May 14, 2019 3:34 PM

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now if you're planning on heading to the dmv in chico, you will likely find it more packed than ever. action news now reporter stephanie lin takes a look at what the wait is like.. six months after the camp fire. ### i've got...release of liability two bills of sales, two titles with me... camp fire survivor stephen murray show us*al* the paperwork he's brought to the d- m-v... the dmv was busy, now it's even more busy. new stats released to us from the agency show the chico dmv is serving twice as many people each month since the camp fire. the paradise d-m-v is now closed. nats what can i do for you today? i'd like to get my real id... when we wait on a paradise customer, a lot of times they are not aware of what they owned, or don't remember... robin prayer is an office manager here...and one could say she's helped answer prayers for the many customers who've come her way. i try to say, you've got a lot to do, make it your goal to do one thing and be proud of it prayer originally worked at the paradise dmv. after it closed after the camp fire she worked at the sears disaster recovery center before joining her peers in chico. since february, it's been intense. we've had a larger customer base because the paradise office is closed. overtime is the new normal for employees here. after the fire... and the introduction of new requirements for a real i-d... there's more paperwork to be processed... more levels of approval for customers to go through. we do have to look in our database to help them. to determine if this is a car that still functions, or something your insurance company wants you to dispose of. standup: the average wait time without an appointment, the dmv tells us, is about 50 minutes. that's about the same as before the fire. how long have you waited for? 30 mins 45 mins nats of customer being served the agency adds that wait times in general can be impacted by the time of day, and the day of the week you come in. but the workers are doing their best to get everyone processed and out the door quickly i love seeing the paradise customers. we have long hugs or talks, and i ask how they are doing, and how they are moving forward& ll: if you're looking for an easy way to see wait times for your local dmv, you can always head to the agency's website. we're on the page right now, and you can see it's about 14 minutes without an appointment. reporting in chico, stephanie lin,
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