Camp Fire survivors settling into Bay Area

Action News Now met up with Camp Fire survivors who are now living in San Jose to see how life has changed over the last six months

Posted: May 13, 2019 9:38 AM
Updated: May 13, 2019 9:38 AM

Speech to Text for Camp Fire survivors settling into Bay Area

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this week marks six months since the camp fire. before the fire & the nearly 27- thousand residents lving in the area lost their home. now & six months later&. people are trying to navigate new communities and attemping to build those ties. action news now reporter elizabeth zelidon spoke with one woman who moved to the bay area to see what life's like after paradise. ### sot: i think the only constant i still have is my dog and my boyfriend. " this is 19-year- old lauren decker. most of her life was spent in paradise with her family & but since the destructive camp fire burned the community of paradise to the ground & her life has been flipped upside down. leaving nothing the same. sot: "schools changed my fmaily is gone. all my friends pretty much except just a few some are kind of nearby & " and now she is learning to tackle the bay area as a young adult with her boyfriend ansel and dog coco by her side. but the move to san jose hasn't been easy. because it's not an ordinary move& as decker puts it & you have much more to worry about. sot: "like this address changed i need to get this set up im not living in this place anymore so i need to cancel this. uh oh i cant call them their building burned. and its not just physical aspects but mental as well. sot: "or just like nightmares about stuff," despite the tremendous effort decker has made to get back on her feet.. and get back in school. she says it will never be the same. and for those who survived the firey destruction they will never forget november 8th sot: even if every single person gets back on their feet after the fire youre never going to forget what happened. and you can never get what you saw out of your head." &. "so its really hard to think hey we are back on our feet now we have nothing to worry about." in san jose elizabeth
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