Crews containing chemical spill in Houston shipping channel

Houston shipping channel is still closed, and nearby residents are worried about any possible health impacts.

Posted: May 12, 2019 5:57 PM
Updated: May 12, 2019 5:57 PM

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cloudy. crews are working to contain a massive chemical spill in houston's shipping channel. people who live nearby -- are worried about the effect this could have on their health. nbc's tammy leitner has the latest. this morning one of the world's busiest shipping waterways still partially closed after a chemical spill. salvage crews scrambling to contain the mess at the houston ship channel.and nearby residents are worried. (sot) 15;41;46;07 bk: um oh no not again brittany kelly lives two blocks from the channel. and is keeping her four kids and dogs far away. (sot) 15;41;00;29 bk: my kids like to go fishing down there and so does my husband." a tug boat pushing two barges collided with an oil tanker on friday. one barge capsized. the other carrying 25,000 barrels of a chemical called reformate was damaged. almost 9,000 barrels of the toxic material leaked into the channel. reformate is found in the gasoline we put in our cars. it's extremely flammable and can be deadly to marine life and to humans, if swallowed. sot) the air monitoring right now is continuous// if you have health concerns then you should call 911 epa and local officials are monitoring the air quality around the clock. and so far they say there's no health risk. but some residents and business owners are still concerned. nat in pet shop luis martinez is worried for his sons as well as his pets. sot 15;48;22;27 lm: so any airborne particles that are in the air can really affect the animals, especially respiratory. and he's taking no chances (sot) lm: yes we are using bottled water. we are making sure we won't give them anything from the faucet. luis and his wife are still traumatized by the chemical fire in nearby deer park less than two months ago (sot) am: i think i was more devastated knowing these problems keep occurring ##
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