New stores moving to Chico Mall

Some new stores coming to the Chico Mall fall under the "lifestyle" category.

Posted: Mar 15, 2019 10:21 AM
Updated: Mar 15, 2019 10:21 AM

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stephanie stephanie big changes at the chico mall. not only does it have a new owner... some local businesses are moving in. i take a look at what this all means for the city... and shoppers. ### pkg hammer nats owners of local business sunstor solar... it's always a risk and adventure, but we are excited. county.. are setting up shop... an exciting step for one of the newest stores coming to the mall... jeff: it's a location where lots of people come to frequent and do their regular shopping. joining the solar company... american jiu jitsu and backyard solutions... all stores that fall under the "lifestyle" commerce to chico, all the better. mark: you are seeing more potential tenants come in. we spoke with chico city manager mark orme on the new direction. mall. entertainment at the mall. more than just going into a store. erica: the more the merrier, i guess. with more people coming in town and all... roughly $1.5 million dollars in sales and property tax that goes into the city's $48 million dollar general fund. while that percentage, the city manager tells us, it's an important piece of the pie. mark: the revenue has been pretty steady coming in. mark: they are a huge job generator. multiple effect. the jobs generated, will allow those working there to expend into the we asked investor and now mall- owner ethan conrad...why chico? tells us... graphic: "the mall is a phenomenal retail property with a huge amount of potential...we have 18 letters of intent to lease space in the property from highly desirable, mainly national tenants." the investor goes on to confirm ... graphic: "...there are two pending leases with larger national stores who specialize in selling home related products, including furniture." jeff: we've been looking at this as a next step. back to the sunstor storefront... jeff: after everything that's happened, it's incentivized us to move forward. the work continues.. for sunstor solar and other locals part of this latest move to bring big business...and more options for shoppers.... to chico. jeff: we are excited...! soc out on cam tag jeff: we are excited...! soc out on cam tag stephanie stephanie another local store that's coming to the mall... dove's so if you would like to shop and support your local business... it appears there will be lots more options coming
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