Feather River Clean Up

The Feather River Park and Rec District in Oroville, with the help of volunteers, tackled a big job - cleaning up a massive mess left behind in homeless camps.

Posted: Mar 14, 2019 6:18 PM
Updated: Mar 14, 2019 6:18 PM

Speech to Text for Feather River Clean Up

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alan alan the feather river park and rec district in oroville... with the help of volunteers.. tackled a big job.. cleaning up a massive mess left behind in homeless camps. action news now reporter christina vitale spoke with volunteers and park officials about how they plan to prevent the camps from returning. ### pkg sot: we ought to be able to go down here and look at the birds and the fish and the beautiful trees that god has created not have to come down and look at this this is disgusting. thomas mavery has lived in oroville for 60 years. sot: and i was a kid we didnt have any of this people took care of the parks took care of the rivers people took their trash home with them and then we ended up with this homeless problem.. it's not only an eyesore.. it's hazardous... sot: wife i'm scared to death she's gonna step on a needle or one of my grandkids are going to pick up something that's gonna hurt them mavery said the debris is hurting the fish and wildlife. and found one up at the lake that had fishing line all wrapped around it it couldnt even fly and if people don't find them they're gonna die. sot: one of the concerns is that when the snow melts and rushes overflow the river pick up the garbage and wash it down the river park and rec district, randy murphy organized the clean up. and he has reached out to the county and the city administrator for a permanent solution... sot: we coordinate with code enforcement with the city and provide notice to the folks that we're gonn acome through and clenup so they typically move along and then we come in and clean up behind them. but murphy said it needs to be a community effort sot: if you see some trash on the ground pick it up you don't have to come down and be apart of the big clean up although that's helpful but you know to do your part cause this all ends up in the river that ultimately ends up in the ocean. sot: i've seen a commercial years ago of an indian standing by the water and all the garbage floating up by its feet and tears running down his face that was me here yesterday this is supposed to be a beautiful place to come to this isn't beautiful this is sad its all i can say. on cam tag alan alan to get involved with a group cleanup visit the feather river park and rec district facebook page or their
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