CA Governor getting ready to sue over President's emergency declaration

Governor Gavin Newsome is poised to sue over the President's emergency declaration. President Trump explains why he declared the emergency over U.S. border security.

Posted: Feb. 16, 2019 12:13 PM
Updated: Feb. 16, 2019 12:13 PM

Speech to Text for CA Governor getting ready to sue over President's emergency declaration

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alan good evening, thank you for joining us. governor gavin newsom is already preparing a lawsuit challenging president trump's emergency declaration. 888vo888 lauren lauren president trump signed a bill funding the government and also declared a national emergency -- to get the money needed to build a wall along the southern border. in a press conference today with attorney general xavier bacerra, newsom expressed his disappointment. he said the wall would do nothing to impact the amount of drugs passing through. 888sot full888 "if you think it's an image of an individual with 400 pounds of cocaine in their backpack, then you're delusional. the drugs are coming through the ports of entry through traditional means: vehicles, tractor trailers, coming over through drones, down the coast of california in boats." alan alan other states and advocacy groups may also sue. lauren even the president admits -- the process won't be easy. kristen holmes reports. 888pkg888 president trump -- unhappy with a bipartisan deal to fund the government -- deciding to look for money elsewhere president trump: "we want to stop drugs from coming into our country." congress authorized 1-point- 3-7-5 billion dollars to build a barrier along 55 miles of the southern border. the president signed that deal. but it's not enough. have an invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs, invasion of people and it's unacceptable." including declaring a national emergency -- the president is able to redirect more than six billion dollars from federal funds, including the defense and treasury departments -- eight billion dollars for a wall. rep. debbie wasserman schultz / -d- florida: "it is repulsive that a chicken hawk like president trump would steal money from our troops, damage our military readiness, and undermine our national security congress because he didn't get his way." democratic leaders nancy pelosi and chuck schumer called the move quote "a power grab by a disappointed president who has gone outside the bounds of the law" as democrats denounce the declaration and vow a fight -- in the courts... which experts say could take years to resolve. president trump: "sadly we'll be sued, and sadly it'll go through a process, and happily we'll win. i think." and sadly it'll go through a process, and happily we'll win. i think." on cam tag lauren lauren newsom said today the emergency declaration will not affect efforts to cleanup areas impacted by the camp fire. but, says that there are still victims waiting for support
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