Bobcat, Roadrunner will soon play Auburn Football

Bobcat, Roadrunner will soon play Auburn Football

Posted: Dec 5, 2019 12:09 AM

Brenden Coffey is the starting left tackle for Butte College's football team and will soon play for No. 11 Auburn. 

"It's amazing to see how far someone can come in two and a half years," said Butte College head football coach Rob Snelling. "He's probably one of the best physical specimens that's ever come through our porgram. He's put on 60 pounds in two years and he's one of the strongest guys that's ever been through here, but again that's all attributed to his hard work." 

Before he became a Roadrunner, this Paradise High School alum wasn't really feeling football, until the right guy came along to nudge him into it.

"I walked over and I said, 'hey, why don't you play football?'," recalled Paradise High's head football coach Rick Prinz. "It was almost spring training. [I said], 'we start Monday, why don't you come try it' and he said okay and he said, but I don't have any cleats [and I said], 'don't worry about it we'll get you cleats.' So my wife went down and bought him cleats, size something ridiculous and he started playing and just got better and better." 

Fast forward through the rest of high school and two and a half years of junior college football, Coffey brewed himself into an elite blocker. After receiving several Division I offers, Brenden decided to begin his new chapter with the Auburn Tigers, who are currently ranked 11th in the nation. 

"I know I wouldn't be here if he hadn't asked me to come out and play football," said Coffey. "If he hadn't have gotten me those cleats I wouldn't be here right now, because I wouldn't have done football.

"To be able to go on and play at a SEC school after he's done here is a huge accomplishment," said Snelling. "It's not easy to get to that level and he's earned it. They're going to get a guy that's extremely motivated." 

But, football in the south is a different animal and Coffey knows it. 

"I do feel a lot of pressure, but i'm also ready to work. I just have to keep trying, I have to keep going hard no matter what. I have to keep trying to be better than everybody else," said Coffey. 

"He has such enthusiasm in everything he does and he's just going to get better and better," said Prinz. "It's really exciting right now and another thing for our community to build on is to get to see Brenden and watch him the next couple of years. We just wish him the best of luck and we're very confident he's going to do well."

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