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Residents React to Dirty Parks in Oroville

The conditions at Oroville's Bedrock Park are making residents angry, but the public works supervisor says they clean regularly.

Posted: Aug 21, 2018 5:34 PM

OROVILLE, Calif. - The conditions at Oroville's Bedrock Park are making residents angry, but the public works supervisor says they clean regularly.

Bedrock Park is one of four large parks in Oroville, but this one seems to have the worst conditions of them all.

"It's just turned into a disaster, it's gross no one cleans it, the waters gross there's always weird people here," said an Oroville resident.

The Supervisor for the Oroville Parks and Tree Division, Wade Atteberry, declined to be on camera, but assured me the park is cleaned four days a week.

He said transients will take over these closets and make them their home. They've found scattered needles and drugs on the ground, and graffiti on the walls.

Wade said they put covers on the doors to keep people out, but they still break in - and it's gotten worse in the last year.

A longtime Oroville resident reminisced on his past when the park was clean, "When I come back here it's devastating you know to see the park in the shape that it's in, and what I remember it was really nice where I used to swim at and play have fun, my family used to have picnics down there and stuff - man it's just bad I don't enjoy it."

Acccording to Wade, the public works division is removing the amphitheater which transients currently occupy, and are thinking of taking away the restrooms completely.

Wade said code enforcement has been good about moving people along in the early mornings, but that doesnt help for during the day and the nighttime.

A skateboarder who skates near Bedrock Park expressed his feelings on the matter, "This place is a dump there's tweakers everywhere, try floating down the river there's tweaker tents every where."

A Bedrock Park user told me she was walking her dogs on Monday and needed to use the restrooms. She was so disgusted by the condition of the bathroom, that seeing all the feces and urine caused her to not even use it.

She declined to show her face on camera, but told me how terrible her experience was, "This is my park and I can't even use it, it makes me sick so I'm very angry at that."

Wade said the public works division has been cut from six workers to only three, so it's been difficult sending people out to clean the parks.

He said the city council will be making a ballot measure regarding the cut, but because of the city's budget, doesn't think anything will be done anytime soon.

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