PG&E settlement deadline to vote on Friday

Some people in Paradise say they’re still concerned about the structure of the settlement and feel pressured to vote yes.

Posted: May 12, 2020 11:29 PM
Updated: May 13, 2020 8:26 AM

PARADISE, Calif. - Some people in Paradise say they’re still concerned about the structure of the settlement and feel pressured to vote yes.

“It’s the rest of our lives,” said Paul Fisher from Paradise who voted no.

Camp Fire survivors are days away from the deadline to make a decision that’s meant to help compensate for all that they have lost.

“We need to move on vote yes on those settlements so we can move on and we can get things taken care of,” said Mike Greer from Paradise who voted yes.

Some people say they’re tired of the battle and are ready to start fresh, but others are still not on board with the settlement.

“It’s just a really rotten deal and if we don’t push back now once the court bangs down the hammer and its case closed we have nothing,” Fisher said.

“I’ve always said that it will never be enough to actually put our lives together again but as far as the settlement goes I think it’s a great settlement,” Joe Earley from Paradise and attorney at law said.

Earley says he’s seeing across the board an overwhelming amount of support in the 98th percentile.

“So that we can go ahead and see movement and people can get movement and get what they deserve so people can get on with their lives,” Greer said.

“I really do get why people want to vote yes close their eyes and get on with their lives but that will solve nothing,” said Fischer.
PG&E says there are 250,000 parties entitled to vote on its Chapter 11 Reorganization Plan.

“We’re the only bunch in this whole thing of creditors who were forced to take stock which may or may not have value at all if and when PG&E sticks it in the trust,” Fisher said.

“It’s odd to me that people are worried about the risk that it might go down compared to the risk of not having a plan at all by June 30th that’s an unacceptable risk,” Earley said.

“If you keep waiting to put things off that accountability slides away,” Greer said.

Earley says there are no other options waiting in the wings, “I just don’t think the money's going to be there to come up with a better deal if this fails.”

Fisher says he feels a pressure to vote yes from some attorney’s and feels they aren’t representing the people correctly.

“At this point in the proceedings it feels like we are being dealt with very unfairly,” he said.

Fisher says he still has hope because the hammer hasn’t hit the judge’s desk yet.

“I would just like to see Judge Montali and Judge Donato remember what they got into the field for and that’s justice,” he said.

The deadline to vote for the plan is by Friday at 4 pm. Click Here to view the electronic ballot.

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