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North State Pest Control Experts see an uptick of rodents and pests

The owner of Gecko Pest Control, Richard Smith, says he's getting a ton of rodent calls and usually this isn't the case until spring or summer.

Posted: Feb. 6, 2018 7:07 AM
Updated: Feb. 6, 2018 8:13 AM

As you know, the warmer weather is causing more mosquitoes to come out, but unfortunately it's not just them as many are now seeing a major uptick in pests and rodents.

The owner of Gecko Pest Control, Richard Smith, says he's getting a ton of rodent calls and usually this isn't the case until spring or summer.

However, when temperatures hit the get into the 60's during the early months of the year it causes a wake-up of pests, but it also has rodents looking for water and food in our homes.

"It's just causing an explosion of rodents in the Chico area, but also because of this warmer weather, fleas are starting to come out, you're starting to see spiders accumulating a bit more. We have even seen some houses with ants getting inside looking for foods and water and things like that," said Smith.

If you do have rodents in your home you can call pest control or if you want to do it yourself, Smith recommends the classic wooden rat trap. 

Watch the attached video for a demonstration on how to use a rat trap properly. 

"The best solution to take care of a rat problem is to use a good old tried and true rat snaps. The problem is that you'll see them batted with peanut butter and it will get licked off and that is not effective. What you need to do is take this tab and bend it up. Take a peanut in the shell, split it in half and then wedge this on there. By doing that you're fixing it tight to the trigger making them work hard to get it and then put a little peanut butter on there just because the aromas of the oils will draw the rat to it," explained Smith. 

Smith says the number one solution to prevent a rodent or pest investation is sealing your home especially loose vents because rats can fit in holes as small as a quarter.

If it's too late for prevention, you can either call pest control or buy the right equipment like a rat trap to get them out.

Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District (District) have also recently received many calls from
residents concerning mosquito problems.

The majority of  these mosquitos were bred during the previous summer in agricultural lands throughout the west and south areas of the District.

When the female mosquitoes are done laying their eggs, they look for a place to hibernate or over-winter. These locations include garages, outbuildings, thick grass, etc.

These hibernating mosquitoes generally are not a problem during the winter months until a warming trend occurs.

A warming trend (in excess of 65°) in January, February, or March sounds a wake-up call to these mosquitoes. They are extremely hungry and are looking for a blood meal that will nourish their developing eggs.

Biting females are most bothersome during the afternoons and early evenings. Fortunately, this problem usually lasts only as long as the warm days persist.

For more information call the Butte County Mosquito and Vector Control District at 530-533-6038 or 530-342-7350 or visit the website at

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