Cottonwood Arsonist Meeting Leaves Some With Questions

A meeting in Cottonwood, addressing the possible arson fires in the area, left a lot of residents with questions.

Posted: Oct 12, 2018 10:38 PM
Updated: Oct 15, 2018 10:36 AM

COTTONWOOD, Calif - Residents in Cottonwood left with mixed emotions Friday night as a community meeting to discuss a possible arson in town left residents with more questions than answers.

"I'm not going to go into the investigative parts of this case but rest assured we have a lot of resources at play here," said Capt. Pat Kropholler with the Shasta County Sheriff's Office. 

Some of the main questions asked tonight included:

What information law enforcement has on the arsonist?

Why isn't the fire department using sirens on every fire?

And what is being done to catch these arsonists that have already killed one of their neighbors?

But unfortunately, law enforcement couldn't answer anything that could jeopardize their investigation, which didn't please some people.

"We are going to a fire, we are running our sirens," said fire officials.

"No ... Not in cottonwood no," said one resident. 

However, for the majority that stayed the full night some issues were resolved.

"Hear me out. If you guys would like when we get a fire call that is in Cottonwood for us to sound that siren," asked fire officials.

The crowd screamed yes and clapped. 

In the end, the overall solution was obvious everyone would have to be vigilant and take care of one another.

"When I was growing up for at least 30 years. the people you hear that the people would take care of each other no matter what the problem was," said one lifelong Cottonwood resident. 

"Ultimately it's going to be everybody in this room. Have the community watch your neighbor, and watch your neighbors back. We got to protect the weakest of our society" said another resident. 

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