Chico Police are seeing an unusually high number of juvenile offenses

Chico Police said they're seeing an unusually high number of juvenile related offenses lately.

Posted: Jul 6, 2019 6:19 PM

CHICO, Calif. -- Chico Police said they're seeing an unusually high number of juvenile related offenses lately.

"I've been here for twenty years and I have seen such a decline in our city," said Clyde Baker, a man who lives in Chico. 

Baker said his city has seen more trouble with juveniles lately.

"We are raising a generation of kids that are taught to be rebellious and as they grow older that is just going to be amplified," Baker said. 

The most recent incident involved a large group of young teens confronting Chico Police officers in Bidwell Park on Friday, leading to an intense and dangerous scuffle. Five juveniles were arrested.

"I was angered by it honestly, by kids who shouldn't be running out loose like they are, causing difficulties with our police," Baker said.

"I think that you never want to see a situation where the police are forced to take action against kids," said Asaf Pimentel, a man who lives in Chico.

Chico Police said in the past 10 days they've arrested 15 juveniles.

Friday's arrests were the latest in what Chico Police said has been an unusually high number of juvenile related offenses.

We asked Chico Police how challenging is it to face these sort of situations when they come across juveniles in the field.

"It's extremely difficult whenever an officer is forced to take action with a juvenile," said Chico Police Commander Jeramie Struthers.

Struthers said his officers apply crisis intervention training in situations like these.

"Interview and interrogation training specific to juveniles, how to talk to them, how to speak calmly," Struthers said.

Pimentel said he'd like to see more community resources dedicated to these kids.

"Hopefully, at some point we can deescalate the situation where we figure out what resources we have available. Maybe in our schools, maybe in the community that can help to reach out to these kids," Pimentel said. 

In the latest juvenile arrests on Friday, Chico Police said no one was injured and no one has filed any complaints. 

Just at the start of July, Chico Police expanded its School Resource Unit which is dedicated to helping young people. The unit now includes one sergeant and four officers.

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