A stalemate continues over the Chico homeless crisis

This comes after a federal judge issued an injunction on evicting the homeless from Chico city parks and waterways.

Posted: Jul 9, 2021 5:30 PM

CHICO, Calif. - One man living in this tent at the resting site said he is not happy with the city's decision to place the homeless at the Chico Airport but is doing what he can to get by.

"It is what it is, said Chico resident Tom Woodword. “I have just learned to accept it. I just wish we were able to cook and take showers."

Woodword has been living at the resting site for more than a week but said he can't last much longer.

"If I need to, I can stay at a motel and do what I have to do like wash clothes and take a shower or whatever," said Woodword.

While it is extremely hot out in the direct sunlight at the resting site, Woodword tries to spend most of his time inside of the tent hanging out in the shade.

"It's crushing to see people living in these conditions and essentially watch them die,” said Chico resident Patrick Newman. “Watching people deteriorate and go through the whole process of what happens when you are on the street.”

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Federal Judge Morrison England Jr. said he doesn't approve of the city's airport resting site.

Action News Now asked mayor Andrew Coolidge about the judge's injunction.

"This is a big part of the problem,” said Coolidge. “Everyone thinks that airport site is being done. We don't have the management organization in place. We haven't gone through the settlement conference with the other side, so no we wouldn't expect that anyone would be there necessarily or heading there."

Coolidge explained what will happen next.

"We have to go into negotiations with the other side,” said Coolidge. “We have to work through that and then I think we will be able to put something together that the community will be proud of and will shelter people in much cooler environment that is currently present."

Attorney Cory Turner represents the plaintiffs.

"We hope this will get the city to commit to working towards a real solution,” said Turner. “The decision shows that the airport is not a solution."

The city and Legal Services of Northern California will have an informal conference with a magistrate who will oversee a settlement between the city and the plaintiffs.

That informal conference will take place on Tuesday, July 13 at 1 p.m.

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