Murder hornets??!! Twitter is freaking out

Asian giant hornets have been spotted in the United States for the first time, and at more than two inches long, they're the world's largest hornets with a sting that can kill humans if bitten multiple times, according to experts at the Washington State University. Researches have nicknamed them "murder hornets."

Posted: May 4, 2020 6:40 AM
Updated: May 4, 2020 9:30 AM

The world has been through a lot this year. It started off with the death of Kobe Bryant, the internet exploded into memes about World War III and not long after, the coronavirus pandemic quite literally changed life as we know it.

Now we can worry about something else: A giant insect, the world's largest hornet, that can kill a human just by stinging it a couple of times.

Meet the Asian giant hornet -- also known as the murder hornet.

For the first time ever, a giant hornet was spotted in the United States, specifically in Washington state, scientists said recently.

By the looks of it, Twitter didn't take the news too well.

'Murder Hornets and Covid-19 be like,' Jose Rosado tweeted.

'(Tornadoes, viruses, school canceled, and now widespread power outages)

One of my five year olds: Daddy, is the world ending??

(He has no idea about the aliens and murder hornets)

Me: No, of course not.

The lies parents have to tell their kids,' Jeremy Elrod said on Twitter.

'I used to tell Jesus not to come back until I married and had kids,but I have changed my mind! He can come back now! Too much goin on, now there are sightings of murder hornets?? Nope, come on back Jesus!' singer Michelle Williams tweeted.

'Governments: please stay inside.

Universe: I'll take it from here. MURDER HORNETS,' Betches Media tweeted.

'Today's apocalypse word of the day is murder hornet, brought to you by the letter M,' tweeted Gracie Wiley, along with the 'this is fine' fire meme.

'Oh I'm sorry... did they say MURDER hornets???' another user tweeted.

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