Yuba County fire officials keep an eye on water levels

May 8, 2015 9:43 PM

Low lake and reservoir levels mixed with extremely dry conditions have Cal Fire officials in Yuba County on high alert.

Collins Lake, Englebright Reservoir, and Bullards Bar Reservoir in Yuba County are 20% lower now than they were this time last year according to a Browns Valley Irrigation District official. Cal Fire officials say the lowering levels has them constantly working to make sure they have the right equipment to get water when needed. One Cal Fire captain says when bodies of water get lower it is more difficult to get.

"Under current conditions the problem we are running into is with water levels being so low sometimes that distance of approach for our fire engines to get close enough to that water source exceeds the distance for those hoses to be used to draft water." says Cal Fire Captain John Hotchkiss.

Hotchkiss says the dry conditions are also a worry, he says fire season has never really ended.

"A fire which might burn slowly at this time of year in a normal condition, this year is going to burn like it would be burning in September."

Cal Fire is working to bring in roughly 3,000 seasonal fire fighters around the state.


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