Yuba City Water District fined over bacteria in wastewater

Oct 14, 2015 12:43 PM by News Staff

State regulators have fined the Yuba City Water District for wastewater violations over how water is treated before it leaves the plant.

Yuba City Water Officials admit they were not in compliance with state standards for their water discharge, but they maintain their actions are not having any effect on the Feather River.

The Yuba City Utility Department was recently fined $12,000 after state tests showed the water treatment plant was putting out water that contained coliform levels that exceeded state standards.

In 2013, the plant received a $30,000 fine for other output violations, which officials say have now been addressed.

State water officials say the fines are intended to keep waterways like the Feather River clean.

Mike Paulucci, with Yuba City’s Public Utility Department says the water being discharged from the plant isn’t hitting the Feather River, despite a permit that allows it to. The water instead goes into the River Basin, and ponds before evaporating, Palucci says.

District officials say they have identified one of their problems and they are working hard to get in compliance.


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