Yuba City to close some services and offices starting tomorrow

Dec 20, 2013 7:26 PM

Yuba City continues to cut their deficit this holiday season.

It’s called a "holiday closure,” which is part of a furlough program the city has in place.

This is actually year two of holiday closures, and year three of furloughs.

Yuba City’s Finance Director Robin Bertagna told Action News Now this furlough program has translated to $1.1 million in savings. She said the city's deficit stands at $1.3 million, but would be at $2.4 million without these furloughs.

Yuba City's "holiday closure" ends December 29th.

“It’s actually given the city a way to let their employees spend time with their family while reducing a low impact to our residents, and suspending services for actually two days out of an entire week,” Yuba City HR Analyst Amber Darrach said.

Yuba City has an ongoing furlough program, where city employees have given up 10% of their salaries.

Action News Now spoke with one city worker on her way to lunch who said she loves the program, and said most generally do.

One woman was getting a building permit for her business Friday, and said a closure like this could create problems for businesses like hers.

But to that the city said:

“A couple days may delay someone's building permit from being issued, but they'd still have to be going through the same processes,” Darrach said.

The city said it will still offer online and over-the-phone services. Emergency services, like police and fire, will carry on.

Robert Cervantes is a long-time Yuba City resident, and sometimes does contract work for the city.

But today, he just paid his water bill.

“I think they're being prudent...I think it's a great idea,” Cervantes said.

Tina Wilson-Baker works for the county, knew the closure was coming, so paid a bill today.

“I mean they have the drop box, but some people would rather just do it in person,” Wilson-Baker said.

Yuba City also had this furlough in effect over Thanksgiving, and last Christmas.

Bertagna said talks with employee bargaining groups will reset in June of next year, when the three year furlough program ends.


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