Yuba City Speed-Related Accidents

Jan 12, 2011 7:25 PM

The results are in from the Office Of Traffic Safety, ranking cities with the highest number of speed-related auto accidents that occurred in 2009. According to the study, Yuba City didn't fare well. The study ranked the city seventh out of the 104 California cities similar in size for speed related accidents. In 2009, 413 individuals were killed or injured out of the city's 306 speed-related collisions. But officials for the Yuba City Police Department say those numbers can be misleading. " The way the Yuba City Police Department does it's reporting is that any complaint of pain that's incurred during the coarse of a collision, we mark that down as an injury" explained Shawna Pavey, Operations Support Manager for the Yuba City Police Department.
Many of those injuries reported are never transported to the hospital, but they are still logged as speed related accidents. Yuba City also has highway 99 and highway 20 running through it. " Those things do play a factor and that's why we have such a robust target enforcement effort toward speed related injury accidents" said Pavey. Yuba City resident Breanna Mertz added " It's surprising, but not really cause we have a major highway coming between two major cities... Sacramento and Chico". And many residents have mixed feelings about the survey. " In one respect it's kind of surprising, but in another respect it's not really surprising cause it's pretty busy" said Live Oak resident Jimmy Hendryx.
The Yuba City Police Department has been working on decreasing the number of speed related accidents. In 2010 the department obtained grants from the Office Of Traffic Safety allowing the department to install speed radar trailers. It also allocated money for speed control. " We're actually pretty proud of what we've been able to achieve in that during 2010 we achieved a 45 percent reduction in those types of injury related accidents" Pavey explained.


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