Yuba City Police Officer Injured

Oct 22, 2010 8:16 PM

A Yuba City Police officer is injured in a high speed chase after he crashed his patrol car into a house. The suspect was caught, but not before the officer...and an unsuspecting citizen .... were hurt seriously enough to be hospitalized. The pursuit began at 10:18 Thursday night. With a reported robbery at Walmart on Harter Parkway in Yuba City. Officer Brent Slade responded to the call, and was in pursuit of the suspect when he lost control and hit a curb separating the southbound and northbound lanes of South Walton Avenue. Here's what happened next

Sunny Jaiya, Nat's friend says, "I hear 5-6 cop cars coming down the street. Next thing you know I hear a boom, pop, pop, pop. Soon as I heard that, I turned around and I see little rocks flying over the house." The police car crashed through a sound wall, striking a house on the corner of south Walton Avenue and Edwin Drive. There were four people inside.

Manpreet Nat and his friend Sunny were just inside the same wall of the house that was hit by the patrol car. Manpreet spent the night in the hospital with a cracked rib, but was released this morning. Luckily for him, a brick wall was just put up behind his house. Sunny says, "they just put that in the back. If they didn't, that car would have literally been on top of my friend."

The house was without power until about 1:15 this afternoon, with crews cleaning up the outside of the house. City insurance will pay for the damages. As for officer Slade, he was also released from the hospital this morning. The suspect he was chasing, Kulwant Johal, was arrested on charges that include grand theft, possession of marijuana, and evading and resisting police.


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