Young Oroville Girl Needs Help from the Community

Mar 16, 2011 7:50 PM

She has overcome so many adversities in her young life, and still manages to glow like a little ray of sunshine..

Lance, Sadi's dad says, "They said if she lived past six months, it would be a miracle." And on January 24th, little Sadirai Davis earned that title by celebrating her fifth birthday. But five years earlier, it was a feeling of hopelessness for Lorinda and Lance. Lorinda suffered a placenta abruption that left Sadi without blood flow or oxygen for almost 2 hours. And upon delivery she received a total blood transfusion and the likelihood of living for only six months.

Lorinda, Sadi's mom says, "All I could Do was cry for the next couple weeks. Pray everyday that she'd get better." Little did doctors know that Sadi was a fighter and wouldn't give up. But it wouldn't be easy. She was born with quadripelegic infantile cerebral palsy.. Which means she is unable to walk, talk, and voluntarily control her muscles. But even a lifetime of physical therapy ahead of her doesn't dampen her spirit. Her mom says, "She may be disabled, but she's the happiest little girl I've ever seen in my life."

Her dad says, "She loves to laugh. She loves laughing. She likes watching other kids run around.." But soon instead of watching, Sadi may be able to run with them. On March 25th, Sadi will undergo surgery for a hip deformation. If it gets repaired soon, doctors are hopeful that someday Sadi will walk.

Lorinda says, "I hope that one day she'll be able to walk and she'll be able to stand by herself, support herself, and be able to play with her cousins and schoolmates.." But until then, this little blue eyed, blonde haired, miracle, is bound to a specialized stroller. Lance says, "She's a little angel!" Lorinda says, "She is absolutely a miracle. I couldn't ask for anything else. She's perfect!"


adi's surgery is scheduled at Mercy Medical Center next Friday.. But her parents are unable to pay for the transportation and housing for their trip. They will need at least five hundred dollars by next week to keep Sadi's surgery date. If you would like to help.. go to any wells fargo bank and donate to the "Sadi's Rai of Sunshine Fund." Account number: 3804058877


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