Young Oroville Cancer Survivors Battle Hospital Boredom

Dec 8, 2013 10:36 PM

Two Oroville kids are using the lessons they've learned while in the hospital during their successful battles against cancer. They're hoping to make time in a hospital bed a little more bearable for other sick children. Natalie Stampanoni and Brennen Brockman are both students at Golden Hills Elementary in Oroville, but they didn't know each other, until Brennen spotted Natalie at a Make-A Wish camp in Florida. Brennen reveals, "I said, 'hey mom, I think I know that girl.'"
It turns out both kids were battling different kinds of cancer. Natalie had Non-Hodgkin's Burkett Lymphoma, and Brennen was a Leukemia survivor. They shared stories of their time in the hospital, and talked about how bored they were. The pair decided to create "Fight with Fun Bags," so that other sick children could have something to play with while passing the time in the hospital. The bags include stuffed animals, coloring books, bracelets in the colors representing their respective diseases, and stress balls. Natalie says the stress balls should give kids something to squeeze while they're getting painful shots. She says, "I used to hold my mom's hand, and she used to yell because I squeezed it so hard."
Their parents paid for the first shipment of bags, which are estimated to cost about $6 a piece. If you'd like to know more about Natalie and Brennen's project, visit their Facebook page by following this link:


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