Young Eagles Rally

Jun 12, 2010 8:52 PM

The dreams of about 85 north state kids took flight Saturday morning. These young people are taking part in the second annual Young Eagles Rally at the Chico municipal airport, an event designed to inspire youth in aviation. They range in age from 8 to 17, and for many it was their first time ever flying a plane. "It was a really exciting rush, pretty much! I was able to fly around and see my house, it was really nice," participant Hawk Bunce stated. "I really want to be a pilot now and I want to go sky diving someday," Whitney Wagner explained.

It wasn't just about having a good time, kids were able to learn about airplanes, how they work, and what it takes to become a pilot. The eager flyers were given information about the four basic forces of flight: weight, lift, thrust and drag. They were also shown the different parts of the plane such as the rudder, propeller, and wing. "I learned about flaps and down drafts and pockets of air," Katie Ping stated.

Pilot Tom Lewis says it's an experience that he enjoys as much as the students! "To see the kids come in, a little bit upset, a little nervous, maybe more than upset, but to came back with huge smiles, every single child was grateful, was gracious, said thank you sir, I was so impressed."

The Young Eagles Rally is put on by the North Valley Aviation Association and the Experimental Aircraft Association.


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