Xeriscaping takes off in North State

May 2, 2014 7:19 PM

Cheryl Tarter's front yard was all grass but now it’s all dirt--and that’s all by design.

“We decided we wanted to take out our lawn to be conservative of our water,” Tarter said.

Tarter and her husband tore out all the grass from their Chico lawn and plan on replacing it with plants that require much less water to maintain.

“We are trying to be conservative and responsible citizens,” she said. “It just felt like this was something that we could do in addition to what we do in the home to try to conserve water.”

And with years of drought in California, saving water is nice a break for the environment and for the wallet.

“Our water bill has dropped in half from just not watering the lawn,” Tarter said."In half!"

And this idea is catching on. More people looking to save money and water are taking out there lawns and replacing it with more drought-tolerant landscaping

At Magnolia Gift and Garden in Chico, assistant manager Sammy Brown has seen a big spike in the demand for drought-tolerant plants.

“I noticed at the beginning of the year a lot of people were worried about the water usage around town,” she said. “The lucky thing is a lot of these plants are easier care for; so they don’t require a lot of maintenance.”


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