X-rated recording shocks customers at Target store

Oct 15, 2015 3:13 PM by CBS News

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Shoppers at a Target store in San Jose stopped in their tracks Wednesday morning when a sexually explicit recording began blaring over the store's public address system, CBS San Francisco station KPIX-TV reports.

Chris Minor, who was shopping at the Westgate Mall store, said the material was X-rated and had profanities. Minor recorded the incident along with the reactions of fellow shoppers on his cell phone. Customers, which included mothers with babies, were stunned.

"That is terrible," one woman is heard saying on his recording.

Minor agreed.

"I felt violated, and my body said waitaminute, this ain't right. So I was uneasy," Minor told KPIX-TV. "I thought it may have been Halloween-related, maybe an employee playing games, but this was rated-X material, which made me feel very uncomfortable, and I was taken aback, appalled and very frustrated and angered by what I heard."

Minor said the store apologized over the PA system, and then the explicit recording started again.

Target issued a statement, saying it was "actively reviewing the situation with the team to better understand what happened and to help ensure this doesn't happen again."

A manager also apologized personally to Minor, but he said Target should have more safeguards.

"To me, that's not enough, that's too egregious of an event to have people experience, especially your regular shoppers," Minor said.

A similar incident reportedly took place at a Target store in San Luis Obispo in July.


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