World Cup Fever Spreads to Chico Soccer Camp

Jun 28, 2014 5:35 PM by Ross Field

Soccer is the talk of the town with the World Cup taking place in Brazil.

That's helping to motivate a young group of northstate kids at a soccer camp in Chico.

This soccer camp is buzzing with enthusiastic young players as they ramp up the activity thanks to the excitement of the World Cup.

But the action here is played out on the pitch in smaller fashion.

"Soccer is really great exercise, it's because you get to move your feet, your arms, your legs," said Teya Silkman, a member of this soccer camp.

Chico Area Recreation District and Challenger Sports combine forces to host this camp.

Challenger Sports is a program that gives British soccer coaches a chance to travel to America and teach youngsters the basics.

"The youngest ones, like the 3,4,5-year-olds, you just want them having touches on the ball, getting used to having the ball on their feet," said Adam Butler, a camp counselor.

"They're fun to hang out with and they have funny accents," said Ben Rohrer, a member of the soccer camp.

Some kids show up wearing their favorite jerseys.

"I have a Mexico, American and Brazilian jersey," said Rohrer.

They pretend to be their favorite players.

"I like Neymar, Messi, Clint Dempsey and Chris Wondolowski," said Wyatt Johnson, a member of the soccer camp.

They play their own version of the World Cup.

"It's amazing how much these kids are getting into it, but it's good because it means they'll be into soccer for the rest of their lives," said Butler.

Kids pay attentnion to the World Cup results and are excited about the progress of the United States, who have advanced to the round of 16.

"I think they're playing really well, they might win," said Zion Irvine, a member of the soccer camp.

Perhaps it's a far fetched goal, but these kids will stay supportive and continue to train in hopes of one day playing in the World Cup themselves.


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