Women Held Captive in London for 30 Years

Nov 22, 2013 8:26 AM

British police say a man and woman arrested in connection with a domestic slavery case are out on bail this morning. Investigators say three women in London were held captive for 30 years. The alleged victims are described as a 69 year-old Malaysian, a 57 year-old from Ireland and a 30 year-old British national who authorities say has likely been in captivity her entire life. Last month one of the women contacted a charity to say she was being held against her will along with two others. Members of the charity helped arrange their escape. Police are still trying to piece together the women's stories, but say it doesn't appear the three were sexually assaulted. Police say the women were rescued last month but investigators only announced their escape yesterday after the alleged suspects were arrested. Two people in their 60's were taken into custody for suspicion of forced labor and domestic servitude.


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