Woman who received sex solicitations from Jordan Kirby speaks

May 29, 2014 12:45 AM

A Paradise man is now behind bars following a months-long investigation by the FBI and Paradise Police. Paradise police arrested 22-year-old Jordan Kirby Monday on multiple counts of oral copulation and sodomy, and some victims were under the age of 16.

A 23-year-old lifelong resident of Oroville is speaking out, saying she knew Kirby and received sex solicitations from him. She said she met him through her cousin’s boyfriend, and said she knew something was off right away.

“The next thing I know there's an investigator knocking at my door asking me questions about it,” said the woman, whom Action News Now spoke with on condition of anonymity.

This was after she came forward publicly on a Facebook group, talking about what happened to her almost exactly a year ago, and warning others of Kirby.

She said she was friended by Kirby on Facebook, and then he started messaging her.

“He asked me if I would accept $1,500 dollars for seven minutes of my time,” she said.

Paradise Police Detective Jake Smith arrested Kirby, and said the case has been all consuming since the FBI brought it to his attention in March.

“There were certain aspects of the crime that could not be charged federally, so they brought us in since we're the local police here,” Smith said. “We’re having a hard time identifying the victims because we don't know what their real names are, what their real ages are, what their addresses are…because they used a moniker on Facebook so it makes it difficult for us.”

Paradise Police have determined Kirby used three Facebook profiles to solicit sex and nude photos from more than 400 women, some of whom were underage.

“I feel good because this way he can't try to talk to younger women and persuade them into doing things they don't want to do,” said the 23-year-old Oroville woman. “I think this is a good thing that people are coming forward and he's getting caught for this.”

Paradise Police hope more victims come forward.

“There's people out there who have been victimized that have been holding this in for two years maybe,” said Detective Smith. “We need them to come forward to hold this guy accountable so that way they can get justice.”

Kirby was also arrested for violating his probation. He’s currently awaiting sentencing for a felony charge of manufacturing honey oil. That court date is set for June 25th at the Butte County Superior Court.


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