Woman Upset Pet Cat Was Trapped and Ear-Clipped

Oct 11, 2013 6:35 PM

A Chico woman says her cat was trapped, anesthetized, and ear-clipped without her permission. Barbara Shultz says her cat "Kitty" disappeared for two days, then showed up with a shaved belly and a clipped ear. She says the Chico Neighborhood Cat Advocates trapped Kitty while she was across the street with several other feral cats. Barbara says once they realized Kitty had been fixed, they should have released her without clipping her ear. The Neighborhood Cat Advocates say the universal sign of having been spayed or neutered is an ear clip. They say their policy is to clip the ear of any cat found outside to avoid trapping and anesthetizing the same cat twice. The non-profit group has been operating in Chico for nearly a year, and they estimate they've spayed or neutered around 500 cats. But they're about to run out of funding. If you would like to sponsor the group, call (530) 895-1791.


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