Woman's will asks to put down dog so they can be buried together

Dec 18, 2014 2:15 PM by News Staff

An Indiana woman who died in November requested in her last will and testament that her dog Bella be buried with her.

One problem: Bella, the German shepherd, is still alive.

According to WCPO, Connie Lay died Nov. 25 and her attorney, Doug Denmure, said Lay stated in her last will and testament she wanted her dog to be euthanized, cremated and its ashes combined with hers.

The will does allow for an out; the dog may also be sent to Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, but, if that is too expensive or not possible, the pup is to be put to sleep and buried with her.

In the meantime Bella is being held at PAWS Humane Society in Dearborn County, Indiana. PAWS released the following statement on their Facebook page:


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