Woman's Fast Reaction Saves House

Aug 26, 2013 6:40 PM

A Chico woman is being hailed as a hero after helping put out a fire at her neighbor’s house.

When Rose Anderson saw smoke coming from her neighbor’s house on the 900 block of Normal Street on Monday morning see quickly went into action—notifying the residents and contacting fire crews.

The residents of the burning house were unaware that it was on fire. But once Anderson informed them, they fought the fire with extinguishers and hoses.

Fire officials that responded to the scene said Anderson was vital to saving this home.

“Fire moves so fast and grows so quickly that getting emergency resources coming to the scene is a critical step,” said Rick Doan of the Chico Fire Department. “(Anderson) really helped us a lot today with that.”

Kali Gough lives at the house that caught fire. Her room is less than five feet from where the fire started. She says without Anderson’s help, things could have been much worse.

“I didn't even smell anything so I would of taken at least another five to 10 minutes for anything to happen,” she said. “And by that time, it probably would have been too late."


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