Woman reacts after grandmother injured in tour bus crash

Nov 24, 2014 2:53 PM by News Staff

As investigators piece together what caused Sunday morning's bus crash in Pollard Flat, families of those on board are anxious to learn how their loved ones are doing, and find out why the bus was allowed to continue after an earlier crash and reports of driver fatigue.

Liliana Blanco told Action News Now her 75-year-old grandmother was traveling on to Pasco, Washington for Thanksgiving when the tour bus overturned in Shasta County killing one man and injuring 32 other passengers. "My grandma called and said she crawled out of the bus and then passed out and that's the last thing she could remember", Blanco said.

After speaking with her grandmother, Blanco said she and other family members are searching for answers. Authorities say the driver of the bus may have been fatigued. Family members want to know how the bus could be allowed to continue traveling after being involved in an earlier crash.

Federal records show that the company operating the bus, Yellow Arrow Lines LLC. Is based in Othello, Washington. The company's buses had no accidents in the last two years.

Various reports say the company has ties to a Mexican bus line "La Estrella Blanca", and Lilana Blanco told Action News Now the company told her there bus had been in a crash and they were sending a bus to pick up the stranded passengers.

The 67-year-old driver, Jose Victor Garcilazo Palencia of Los Angeles, was taken to a hospital and released, he has not made a comment since the crash.


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